Tires & Wheel Alignment

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Tires & Wheel Alignment

FACT: Every tire has the correct tire pressure on the side, so you get the perfect pressure for your ride

At Tanner Auto Repair Plus [TARP]  we value the safety of our customers above everything else. That’s why we want to ensure that you get to where you’re going every time, safely, with a reliable and road-worthy vehicle. Consequently, a major problem area for the cars and trucks that come into Tanner Auto Repair Plus is tires. Most importantly, your vehicle’s tires are your connection to the road, and without them doing their job properly, all the handling development and safety testing that went into your car may not keep you safe. Therefore here are some basic tips on your tires and how to know when the time has come for replacements.

If we can, we can repair a flat, but it’s not always possible

Obviously, tires are expensive and we take any opportunity we can to repair them safely and save you money.
Small punctures can often be plugged and patched however if the puncture is on the outer edge of the tire, it’s probably unsafe to repair. In addition, the same goes for a tire that’s been driven on while flat. This causes the sidewall to become weakened and the tire is no longer safe. In addition, each manufacturer has guides for what can and what can’t be repaired for your safety.

Wheel Alignment & Balancing

Performing a Wheel Balance & Wheel Alignment will ensure even tire wear, prolong tire life. Our certified technician will inspect the tire tread for wear, properly adjust pressure, balance tires and properly torque the lug nuts whilst carrying this out.

We Recommend Performing a Wheel Balance once a year or every 15,000 miles.

Financing with TECHNET Professional covers you for at least 24 months or 24,000 miles. Wherever you go, their warranty goes with you.


Signs your tires need air

This issue is simple to spot. If your tire seems to be wider where it contacts the road, they probably need to be topped up with air. Driving on under-inflated tires wears them out faster and can lead to full-on flats and even end up shredding the tire off the wheel. Plus low tire pressure ruins your vehicle’s fuel economy.

On the flip side of this, driving with too much air in your tires is also unsafe. It leads to less grip and control over your vehicle.

Signs your tires are out of tread

A lack of tread can lead to less control and worse handling for your car or truck. Your tires’ tread patterns help them to hold the road as well as channel mud and water away from the point of contact with the road. Without this, your car can ride up on top of the water on the road and cause you a complete loss of control. Not sure if your tires have enough tread, pop them in to us and we’ll happily check them for free.

Old or bad tires are dangerous

Driving on tires that are too old, improperly inflated, out of balance, or perished rubber can spell disaster for your safe journey. These issues can have sudden and catastrophic consequences.

Telltale Signs that your tires are damaged

These can come from a few sources.
Visual inspection can catch any potential problems before they become major issues such as nails or rocks embedded in the tire tread. Gashes, bubbles, or hearing the hiss of air escaping it’s best to safely get it to a professional.

Tire damage can even show signs while driving. If your car begins to make strange noises or the handling suddenly becomes worse you should safely pull over. Driving on a flat is a bad idea, and can often lead to more severe damage not only to the tire but to your vehicle.

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